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Whether you're teaching early art education to impressionable young artists or the art of collage to skilled young adults, Glue Dots adhesive products form a strong, instant bond so projects come together quickly easily and mess free.

Available in four sizes for art and craft, practical classroom & general stationery use.

Education Products

                  Mini, Craft, Pop-Up, Poster
                    Large economical boxes

Glue is an emotive topic. It can be messy and a health hazard, yet it's essential for many activities around the school.

The long term health hazards of some adhesives, such as spray mount, are now facing serious questions, with a number of education establishments banning them for fear of future litigation from students who develop breathing problems.

Glue Dots is a range of super-sticky, double sided, preformed 'dots' of all purpose, permanent or repositionable adhesive that bonds items instantly.

  • Acid free, non toxic, non messy, completely safe
  • The more it's used, the more uses are found for it.
  • Uniform size, from 6mm to 12mm wide.
  • Cleaner than liquid adhesives
  • Leaves no sticky residue like double sided tapes.
  • Teachers love Glue Dots for classroom projects
  • The concept is extremely cost effective – there's no waste – you only use the 'dots' of glue required. Simply press the item against the Glue Dot, peel away from the liner and press into place.
  • User control over glue flow, as opposed to using a tube, which often dispenses more glue than is needed. (This is important in a classroom environment)

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