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Photo Album

1. Cut out a piece of watercolour card measuring 14 cm wide x 44 cm long, then fold it three times to create a concertina effect book.

2. Cut out two pieces of stiff card, both measuring 14 cm x 11 cm. From the blue paper cut out two pieces 1.5 cm longer than the card. Place five CRAFT Glue Dots over one side of the card and stick into position. Cut the overlapping corners off at an angle and place five CRAFT Glue Dots along each of the blue edges and fold them down. Continue until both pieces of card have been completed in this way.

3. Place six CRAFT Glue Dots on the outer pieces of watercolour card and stick each ribbon down, then stick the covers into position.

4. Cut out two pieces of light blue paper, measuring 5 cm sq. and place a CRAFT Glue Dot in each corner, then stick them onto the front of the album. Cut out two 2 cm squares from the blue metallic foil and using an old biro pen draw out a simple design. Place a mini glue dot into each corner and stick into position on top of the blue squares.

5. Put a MEMORY Glue Dot into the corner of the photographs and stick them onto each page of the photo album.

Photo Album

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