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New Home Card

Designed by Elizabeth Moad

1. Take a turquoise single fold card and using a Pop-Up Gluedot adhere an 8cm by 10cm piece of blue tinted or clear plastic to the front left side.

2. Now take a 60cm length of 6mm wide purple ribbon and tie this around the right hand side of the card with a bow at the top.

3. Now using Craft Gluedots glue three small round mirror pieces to the ribbon ensuring they are evenly spaced. The gluedot will stick the mirror piece to the card aswell as the ribbon.

4. Using a needle in a cork prick out the word "new" on to a piece of mauve card 5cm by 2cm and then prick a house shape on to mauve card 5cm square.

5. These are then attached to the plastic piece using Craft Gluedots and the card is finished.

New Home Card

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