Glue Dots International Adhesive Products

Whatever your gluing requirements then, Glue Dots UK adhesive products have the answer. Glue Dots is a range of super-sticky, double sided, preformed 'dots' of adhesive that bond instantly. Paper, ribbon, fabric, wire, buttons, jewels, beads, vellum and much more, even difficult to glue surfaces such as foam and hand made papers are no problem for these amazing dots. Glue Dots are the perfect solution for all craft & hobby projects including card making, scrapbooking and much more. They're acid free, non toxic, non messy and completely safe. Simply press the item against the Glue Dot, peel away from the liner and press into place. There are 100s of practical, no mess, no fuss uses for glue dots. Also, there's no need to wait for glue to dry, because Glue Dots adhesive products bond immediately! Applications for our glue dots and other adhesive products include use on Sample Packets, Business Cards, Membership Cards, Product Inserts, Coupons, UK Business Reply Cards and many other things. Glue Dots and our other adhesive products hold many different items in place for packaging and display. Round items will stay in place while travelling down conveyors and through shrink wrap machines. Glue dots will hold paper labels in place for retail display yet allows easy removal by the customer. UK glue dots also keep items in place in gift boxes and products together in packaging. Safe for even indirect food contact to FDA standards, with fast product assembly, even for small items. Glue Dots UK Industrial Glue Dots Craft Glue Dots Magic Motiffs Double Sided Tapes Foam Pads General Adhesives CD Studs Velcro Acetate Discs Postal Bags Printed Tapes Hang Tabs Magnetic Tape Dot Shot Pro